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The answer to this is twofold – the short answer is yes, but only if you keep it downloaded on your device. 


The mobile app will be running in its current form until February 28 2019.

As we will not be producing further issues past December, we will not be selling further subscriptions past December – but for us to keep the mobile app available in the app store, there must be an active subscription available for purchase.

A one-time ‘subscription’ payment of $5.99 will be available for purchase from December 2 2018 – February 28 2019; this is not a true subscription, but it will give access to the December issue (if you don’t already have it) and will also ensure that the app can remain in the app store until February.


If you already have The 4 Blades Magazine app downloaded to your device, it will stay on your device even after February – the same is true for issues you have downloaded through the app. HOWEVER – if you delete the app after February 28 2019, you will not be able to re-download it. Any issues that are automatically deleted due to lack of space will not be able to be re-downloaded either, so be careful! We recommend setting up an online account for this reason.


At your earliest convenience, please ensure that all of the issues you wish to have access to are downloaded (including subscriber bonuses), or that you have an online account set up. This will ensure you have ongoing access going forward.