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The search bar is at the top of the page at, and it’s full of great features.

There are three boxes that you can fill in for a basic search: Categories, Ingredients and Keywords.

Categories: Use this box to enter one or more categories to search by, such as Savoury Snacks, Desserts or Seafood. If you choose multiple categories here, each of the recipe search results will be in ALL categories selected.

Ingredients: Use this box to select one or more ingredients for your search. Need to use up some apples? Start typing “apple” into the ingredients box and select the proper ingredient when it pops up underneath. To the right of the recipe box, you can select whether the recipes must use ALL of the ingredients listed, or just ANY of the ingredients.

Keywords: Use this box to type keywords to be searched. This box searches in the titles of recipes, so searching for “pad Thai” will return recipes with those words in the title – try the Quick Chicken Pad Thai or the Prawn Pad Thai For Two if you want!

Advanced Search: Here you can choose ingredients to be excluded, allergens to avoid (we track gluten, dairy, egg and nuts), number of servings and approximate time required. You can also choose to limit your search to one specific issue of the magazine.


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