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To migrate your billing details from iTunes or Google Play directly to The 4 Blades, simply click here!

Please note that once you do this, you must unsubscribe from iTunes / unsubscribe from Google Play to avoid being charged twice. We don’t have any access to your billing details, so you will need to unsubscribe directly through your mobile device. We are unable to do this on your behalf.

If you want to make the most of your recipes from The 4 Blades Magazine we strongly suggest trying the new features now available to you. As a current subscriber, setting up a free web account is a great way to give your recipes a new lease on life. There are plenty of new features that are available exclusively on!

Due to privacy, we are not able to see your purchases with iTunes or Google Play, even those you make from The 4 Blades Magazine! That means if you make new purchases within the app we won’t know about them. Once you have set up your web account you will need to send a receipt for any future purchases from within the app if you would like to access them via the website. That can get a little tedious, right?

However, if your account is directly with The 4 Blades Magazine we are able to send any purchases you make to your mobile app (without input from you!), ensuring you still get the best of both worlds.

In short:

  • We can send purchases made directly via the website (including subscriptions) to the app without your input.
  • We cannot send purchases made via the app to the website unless you send us a receipt.

When you create a web account via we ensure there is no double billing. That means that we will set up your account but you won’t be billed until after your current subscription with iTunes or Google Play has finished you will have access to both the web account and the app.


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