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Firstly, please note that due to privacy restrictions we are unable to see your purchase history from iTunes or Google Play, even for purchases pertaining to The 4 Blades Magazine! To bring your purchases across, we need your help.

Simply email us from within your app to let us know. Simply do the following:

  1. Open the app on the device that you have previously used to access the mag.
  2. Tap on the ‘settings’ cogwheel in the bottom right hand corner
  3. Tap ‘contact us here’
  4. Send the email that pops up, with a brief message to let us know you are wanting to set up a new web account. 

Have you bought any individual issues of The 4 Blades Magazine? Take a screenshot of all T4B Mag individual issue purchases you wish to add to your website account, using the links below. Attach these screenshots to an email and send them in to us, in addition to following the steps above.

How do I view my Google Play purchase history? / How do I view my Apple purchase history?

If you are a current subscriber, you may also wish to migrate your billing.

If you are a past purchaser (not currently subscribed), you may wish to begin a free 30 day trial to test drive all of our new improvements!


See also: How do I start my free 30 day trial subscription?

How do I migrate my billing from iTunes / Google Play directly to The 4 Blades?

Why should I migrate my billing from iTunes / Google Play directly to The 4 Blades?

Why can’t The 4 Blades see all of my purchase history from iTunes / Google Play? It’s really annoying to send my receipts across!

I am currently subscribed via iTunes or Google Play. How can I access the recipes from my subscription via the new website?