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From, simply tap on the cover of the issue you are interested in purchasing. From there, you can browse the contents of the issue.

If you wish to purchase, you can tap ‘Buy Now’ and follow the prompts. Any individual issue purchased from the website will be sent to your mobile device within one business day.

Buying an individual issue can be a good way to see if you like the layout of our magazine. If so, you may like to purchase a subscription. By subscribing you will get the current issue and all issues released while you are a subscriber at a cheaper price. You also receive all the bonus issues marked as Private for free.


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I am currently subscribed via iTunes or Google Play. How can I access the recipes from my subscription via the new website?

I have previously purchased issues of The 4 Blades Magazine from my Apple or Android mobile device. How can I access the recipes from these issues via the new website?

What happens when I purchase from

How do I subscribe?